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Casino 1

Pharaoh's Hera Casino

Introducing the Pharaoh-based Hera Casino, which aims for safe and transparent operation.
I will now explain why Pharaoh's casinos are safe.

Telegram inquiries: @account


Hera Casino

Pharaoh's Hera Casino

Introducing the Pharaoh-based Hera Casino, which aims for safe and transparent operation.
I will now explain why Pharaoh's casinos are safe.

Telegram inquiries: @csroro24

Why should you play casino
games in the Pharaoh series?

Casino games are largely divided into web games based on the social web board of the live broadcast platform and web games through recorded broadcasts that cannot be edited.

This is because you can enjoy the two casino games above, and the coupons and points you are passionate about are also offering more benefits than other brands.

What are the advantages of Hera Casino?

can believe

1:1 virtual accounts are issued, and games are played based on safe financial transactions through coin deposits.

The most important thing is secure withdrawal.

coupons and points

First deposit event up to 120,000 points

Subscription coupon 30,000 paid

Daily Losing 5%

Weekly Losing 5%

Non-stop customer center

If you access the homepage using the Chrome browser, the chat window is always open at the bottom right corner so that all inquiries can be made through Live Chat. In order to protect your valuable assets, please always contact us before proceeding with the game and deposit.

various casino games

Card game services such as Evolution, Sec9 Yassing, WM Gaming, Vivo Gaming, Sexy Gaming, Allbet, Big Gaming, Micro Gaming, Asia Gaming, Playtech, Gameplay, Vivien, Pragmatic Play, Oriental Game, and 34 We have prepared 4 slot games and 5 sports betting games.

Roro Blog Guarantee

To be sure, if the player himself does not cheat or do only things that are banned on online casino sites, such as betting on both sides, you can be sure of a fast withdrawal rate within 5 minutes.

No cheating, but not receiving withdrawals?

Then, our agent will compensate you for the total withdrawal amount and compensate you.

3.3 billion tournament held

Tremendous tournaments with 30 million won every week, 100 million won monthly, and 300 million won quarterly are held at the Pharaoh-affiliated Hera Casino. 

Become the star of an exciting show!

Now, the era of our casino has passed.

Woori Casino, which was proud to be the representative of Korea, is showing a move that does not live up to its old reputation.

With the exception of Merit Casino and Sands Casino, voices of dissatisfaction are growing not only among agents but also among users.

Why are you still trying to play in our line?

I guess now is the time to change.

Starting with Pharaoh Casino, numerous brands are emerging in the Pharaoh family, and more stable services than our family are also growing so that agents can do safe and active business.

Various brands such as Pharaoh Casino, La Casino, Hera Casino, and Cleo Casino have already been created in the Pharaoh series, and they are not related to various accidents.

Growth and Future of Hera Casino

The casino games we enjoy have undergone various evolutions and growths since the first generation.

In addition to supporting various platforms, game play through cash deposit or coin deposit is now possible.

For those of you who enjoy casino games, when you win by betting a large amount online as well as offline, there are many rumors and things that do not convert quickly, or that withdrawal is impossible based on various reasons and excuses,  or that only part of the withdrawal is made. I think you may have come across it.

However, there is no such unsavory thing in the Pharaoh system.

Now, Korea’s representative casino game will take over the baton from Hera Casino. 

Hera Casino may sound unfamiliar to you, but as a brand renewed from Para Casino,  it was newly launched based on a huge number of members and solid financial power.



In our boring and boring lives, we want to enjoy light games for a little time. 

In the past, leveling up in the world of role-playing  games such as Lineage and  equipping powerful weapons to  relieve stress through in-game avatars was the main focus of game culture.

Real-time strategy games such as StarCraft and League of Legends were at the forefront of the trend.

Now, in the next mz generation,  casino games that can increase the value of our assets and relieve stress in games have deeply penetrated into our daily lives and become a trend.

If we can enjoy while controlling betting and game play time, online casino games will truly be the biggest energizer in your daily life.

Hera Casino Ask Anything

We will answer the most frequently asked questions when visiting the Hera Casino site.

No, no separate code entry is required. However, to safely manage your assets and play on our agent, you must click the button or image banner on our homepage to move to the site and sign up for membership.

From the time of membership sign-up approval, your assets are safely managed in your personal wallet in your casino account. It is absolutely safe from damage from hacking and theft.

It’s never going to happen, but if you happen to be scammed, our agent promises to guarantee 100% of your assets.
However, refusal of withdrawal due to loss of game play, cheating, etc. is excluded.

If you are not familiar with how to play online casino games, please use the live chat on the homepage, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
It would be appreciated if you would refer to the announcements or FAQ posts before live chatting to familiarize yourself with how to proceed with the game and how to deposit and register as a member.

Coupons or points are paid in bulk the next day according to the member’s activity! A separate application is not required, and if the coupon or points are not normally paid the next day, please contact us.